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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Sleepless in Singapore
Back again! Feeling kind of tired today. Why so? I just finished a 2 day 1 night camp in school and I had a wink of only 1 hour. Super tired....Plus I went out last night with my secondary school buddies to catch a midnight movie...ARRRGH....dying of lack of sleep.Will be going out for a wedding dinner tonight.


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Visit to Body Worlds
Wheeeeee!!! Went with D to Body Worlds Exhibition today at the Singapore Expo. Entry was free for both of us. A humbling and great learning experience.

Initially, I was rather disgusted at the sight of muscles, organs, flesh, veins and bones on display. Subsequently, the disgust turned into fascination as I became amazed at how the bodies were preserved so well. Hmmm must really give due created to the creator of Body Worlds for his brillant plastination.*applause* Really threw me back to the times when I studied psychology whereby terminology such corpus callosum, frontal cortex, pituary gland... were only something I could read about in books. It certainly feels different when you see the real thing.

Ahhh.... did I mention the fact that many of the bodies were so well preserved that they almost look like plastic? Some of the exhibits I would say are rather disturbing. For instance, the exhibit featuring a pregnant woman with her womb opened up to expose her 5 month old foetus. Also, they showed several foetuses that are so abnormal looking. D was utterly disgusted and she absolutely refused to look at them after she had seen one. Haha, to me it was nothing much except an exhibit! Please don't call me hard-hearted.

Hmmm the preserved bodies were also wonderfully naked. Does make sense...after all this is Body Worlds we are talking about! The point is... most of the bodies were male, naked and featured for everyone to see. D and I were questioning how come most of the exhibits were male.

Could it be that males have a larger exhibitionistic streak in them? Still pondering over this. Hmmm... Anyway, leads me to wonder if I would like to contribute my body for scientific research and such exhibition purposes. The answer ----> A big NO!!! Would never like anyone to point and scrintinize every single part of my body. Never alive and not when I'm dead either. However, if my organs are usable and can be donated to others I would definitely do so!

Monday, March 15, 2004

My first time!
My first bloggie...SO EXCITING!!! I spent the entire day at home today. Watched a total of 30 episodes of Samurai X. Amazing, isn't it? Now I am totally stunned and bored of the series. Don't really know how I'm going to finish watching 95 episodes in total. *grin grin* Anyway, it's always nice to bum around at home...free from the demands of work and all.