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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Exciting Happenings..
Arggggghhhh was doing up my bloggie half way when the screen hanged. Now I need to start all over again. Great!

Have been pretty busy lately. What with? Read on and you will find out.

1) Went shopping with Mummy last week at Orchard. Didn't buy anything but along the way, I saw something different. Guess what.....*drum rolls*....Tata!!!! A beautifully-decorated wedding car with bears on the bonnet. Way cool! So I snapped a picture of it quickly.

Sweet, isn't it?

2) Baked danish pastries for the first time in my life. It was tough though, to have spent 4 hours kneading, rolling, refrigerating, kneading, rolling, refrigerating..... only to produce 16 danish pastries. I guess next time I have a craving, I'll just buy them from Delifrance. Too tedious and strength-zapping to make them.

My self-made Danish pastry

More yummy pastries...

3) Lastly, guess what silly me did? I was trying to dye a patchy skirt when I forgot to wear gloves. Well, my hands turned blue. Uh-huh terrible isn't it? *tsk tsk* How blur can I get. In the end, my skirt remained patchy blue and so did my hands. =(

Blue hands

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Bankrupt Nana
Wow honestly, I can't keep track of my spending this holidays. Think I have blown way too much money on spoiling myself. Don't believe? Check out the pic below ---> It's only a small sample of my purchases.

Ask any girl and they will tell you how pricey the products above cost....MAC eyeshadow, powerpoint and a shadestick, Dermalogica, Darphin... In addition, I have bought a new TV, Bodyshop's scrubs and their eyeshadow brushes, Clay Aiken CD, got a perm which costs $200.Wow I am truely spending way too much! Much learn to live within my means now...sob sob. But hey, Yingwen's going to Australia next week, so will get her to buy some MAC products for me at the DFS. Hehehe, can save up to 15%. ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hairy Tales
Hi back to blog today.

Hmmm will be going to perm my hair. YES! Finally. Had this boring rebonded hair for 4 years already. Need a bit of change to my life, yah? Wanted to perm around 9 months back but Yang Yang said the previous hairstylist did a bad job on my hair and the left and right hand side were not evenly layered ---> boohooo couldn't perm my hair then.

Now: Hair is pretty dry after some technical highlight at a home salon. Hoping that I can finally get my perm done... =)

Well I want to highlight some of the hairstyles I really like here.

Tata here they are!