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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Letter to God
Dear God

This letter is to affirm your presence in my life. Thank you for always being there for me, for you have seen me through rough patches. I'm grateful that you have brought me into teaching, for teaching has given me some of the best experiences I've ever had in my life.

Many a times when I was at my lowest in morale and spirit, you were there for me.

When I felt weary and beaten, you comforted me with your words and revived the tired spirit.

When I felt like giving up, you gave me strength to stand firm once more.

When I felt totally redundant, you reminded me of the sacrifice you have made for me and me alone. That I am worthy of your ultimate sacrifice and that I am precious in your eyes.

When I tasted success, you celebrated with me.

When I overcame my problems, you gave me a pat on my back.

When I need someone to speak to, you send not one but many people into my life.

Thank you for sending me angels, year after year, who I can relate to.

Thank you for sending me angels who bless me with cards and gifts every Teachers' Day. This Teachers' Day is extra special for the words and actions of the angels have touched deep in the recesses of my heart. For only you know the problems I face and the joy I feel in my job.

I know I am not someone who is made perfect.

For you created me and gave me tears so these can be shed when I feel low.

For you gave me eyes so I can see and appreciate how imperfect we are, opening my eyes to the strengths and weaknesses of my angels so that we can work on them together.

For you blessed me with a strong heart so that I can shield the angels from the difficulties they face in their school, family and even relationships.

Thank you for giving me listening ears for angels can pour out their problems readily to me.

Thank you for giving me the ability to relate to most(not all, sadly) of my students.

Thank you for allowing students to trust me as a friend, a mentor and a teacher.

Thank you for giving me a healthy body so I can see my angels grow day by day.

Thank you for granting me a cheerful heart so I can bring laughter to those around me.

Thank you for making me a teacher so that I can thank you on this day.

Thank you for all you have done! For I will trust in you all the days of my life.

Thank you, Lord!


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Totally Smittened...
I'm in love.

Seriously so.


My Lovely Samsoon, a Korean Drama currently on air.

It's totally hilarious. I haven't laughed so hard in months.

Just on Friday, I had casually mentioned to bro that I want the DVD series in a joking manner. Today, after finishing work, he came home, claiming that he has a surprise for me in his bag.

Guess what?

He bought My Lovely Samsoon specially for me!

Haha, I'm such a blessed sister. *Muacks* I love you, Bro!

Monday, August 21, 2006

A Productive Day
I definitely count today as one of my most efficient moments in my life. Having decided to check myself into Cafe Cartel the minute I left school, I embarked on a mission to finish marking my stack of common test comprehension and compositions.

Perhaps it was because I had an objective in mind.

Perhaps Cartel is really a conducive place for marking.

Perhaps the Chicken Chef's Salad and Ice Mocha were enough to motivate me.

Guess what?

I stayed from 3 to 6pm, marking furiously at the Cartel tables, oblivious to the weird stares I received from the customers and staff there. I simply marked and mugged, exactly the way I did when I was in the uni. The concentration and momentum was there and before I knew it, I finished marking the entire stack of comprehension sans summary. The reason why I skipped the summary was because I didn't bring along the descriptors, not because I couldn't do it.

A most productive day, I would say. Perhaps I should check out Cartel more often. Am comtemplating bringing my exam marking there. Anyone wants to join me?

My Buangkok Experience

My first trip to Buangkok was yesterday when I went with Z and Y to visit M and baby. Since it's the first time I stepped into Buangkok MRT, I managed to persuade Z to snap a picture of this white-elephant MRT station that has generated so much controversy over its opening. Anyway, the MRT station was rather deserted at 5pm and the only people using the station were some construction workers and the three stooges who were trying to find our way to M's house. It's rather eerie as the space and silence in the station were overwhelming despite the fact that I had company. *shudders*

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Heart of a Teacher
I was in a foul mood today.

Somehow the student who spoke to me received an irritated "I'm in a bad mood. Can I speak to you again another time?"

On my way home, I kept pondering about my lack of control, having vent my anger on K. I have been reading the book "The Heart of a Teacher" and I definitely am aware that my words were hurtful. Sorry K, I really didn't mean it. I can imagine how hurt I would be if I were in your shoes. I don't want to find excuses for this terrible outburst but I can just bring it down to one word 'Disappointment'. Not with you, K, but with another batch of students.

Like everyone else, I do have my moods. I've been praying for God to curb negativity in any forms and to equip me with the fruits of gentleness and kindness. However, I must honestly admit that I was utterly disappointed after marking some test scripts today. Well, somehow I can't seem to motivate these angels enough. Their behaviour in class today was exceptional. They were on-task and attentive. However, their test revealed otherwise. Most of the questions should be relatively easy to clear. That is, if they had studied. If they had studied, that is.

These angels had frittered their marks away because of the lack of revision and carelessness. Perhaps that perfectionist in me is at it again, trying to expect the most out of my students. When X told me not to worry, that the class would do well in the exams as NO ONE studies for common test, my heart sank another inch. What is the point of giving you an assessment then?

Is this the mentality and attitude of angels nowadays? I don't know. But I certainly have this impression.

Must you be pushed before you perform? Have you been spoon-fed so much that you are now rendered immobile? Must there be a carrot before you take up another challenge?

Whatever happened to intrinsic motivation? The pride to do well because it is your duty to perform? The willingness to go all out?

I'm sorry. No one enjoys being criticised. However, as a teacher, as your teacher, I urge you to set your priorities right. That studies should be your main focus. That this is your year of streaming and no one can help you if you refuse to budge. That you will continue to be stagnant if you don't seek improvement.

I know the truth hurts. Yet I don't believe in pleasing the masses. I am infamous for being a direct (abet blunt person) and I don't believe in mincing my words.

Yes, you can probably tell that I'm writing in an emotional manner, that I'm perturbed by the nonchalence displayed, that my confidence in my angels have been visibly shaken.

Yet, I am still holding on to the hope that you will rise from the ashes once more. Show me the pride, the responsiblity and the zeal.

Make me proud to be a teacher once again. Please!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Somehow the latest craze among my girlfriends is having babies.

Today I received an sms from J informing me that she had just given birth to baby D. It weighs a whooping 3.6kg! 2 weeks ago, M delivered a healthy and chubby baby boy.

It seems just yesterday that we were giggling over boys and here they are, mothers already.

M & J have babies. Me? I have a puppy.

Life's not so bad after all.

Anyway, congrats M & J and J & V!

Will be paying you a visit shortly! =)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Singapore!
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy 41st Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Yesterday, I met up with a few of my pals from secondary school. Interestingly, I didn't know that G and J would be joining us until I met the girls at TCC Cineleisure.

We had such a blast, laughing at how we were like in secondary school, the classmates we had and of course, we didn't miss out the teachers. How ironic! Since I am a teacher myself and I can absolutely imagine the angels jesting about me in the same manner.

We reminiscenced about the times we spent in old DHS, the way the class was united over competitions, the way we rushed down every recess and after school to ensure we had a place to play volleyball and how the whole group of girls would flock to the toilets the minute the bell rang. We recalled the way we tried to hide our stash of textbooks in every imaginable place to evade the keen eyes of our draconian discipline master and how we made our teachers boil with rage at times. We remember how we exasperated out Maths teacher, Miss L and our form teacher, Mdm L then. Definitely, we were never the angels in their eyes.

We also recalled teachers who made a personal difference to our lives, the ever-caring Miss O, who tries her utmost to reach out the the students who had given up on their Chemistry(one of them being me), the hilarious Maths teacher, Mr Teo and Mr W, who constantly aired a segment of BBC English every week without fail. Of course, we were also grateful for strict teachers like Miss L who prompted us to prove ourselves. We had such a hoot trying to laugh at ourselves, at our innocence and disobedience then.

X then proposed the idea of having a high school reunion. Haha! I wonder if this idea will ever succeed. After all, our class was infamous for having too many different cliques. Anyway, it was a poignant moment when we talked about the occupations of our then fellow comrades. We have peers who are now doctors, gynae, lawyers, working in banks and not forgetting teachers.

Come to think of it, I really enjoyed my years in secondary school. For these were the years I learnt that schooling was not only about academic grades but it was more than that. For school brought me laughter, tears(when we lost the volleyball competition), teachers who gave their all freely and friends to share my life with.

Secondary school life is indeed a phase of my life which I will and can never forget. Let's try the reunion. Who knows? Perhaps we can rekindle and revive the memories we once had as a class?