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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Missing You, Brother
Woah, it seems as if many people are reading my blog. I had just added my counter yesterday after going into Justin's blog and look at the number of hits --->113! Well, this certainly gives me more incentive to write. So here I am again!

Today, I am going to blog about my brother who is doing NS at the moment. Most of my friends and students know that I am very close to my brother. In fact, I see him more as a good friend than a fellow sibling from my mother's womb. Sadly, it is also because of this close proximity in our relationship that I miss him so much now! It applies not only to me. His candidness, sense of humour and willingness to listen are greatly missed by all in the house(Dad, Mum, myself and my medium-sized Spitz <--- my dog) and even his friends in church! He is such an affable and endearing BOY(Haha! He will kill me if he sees this. He's 21) and can easily charm girls the age of 5 to 85 down a tree. I am not exaggerating! You will understand why when you meet him in person.

Yesterday, my parents went over to Tekong to visit him. I didn't managed to go as there were only 2 tickets. It's only been 3 weeks since we last met and from the photos my parents took yesterday, I can see a more muscular, mature and confident brother who has adapted well to the cruel demands of NS life. Haha... This is despite his hairy egg-head! Oooh... Brother won't be too pleased to read this.

Anyway, I am really thankful that God has given me such a wonderful brother. It was not the case when he was born...sadly another true case of sibling rivalry. Before he was born, I was the only child and my parents were able to shower me with full-fledged attention and caved in to whatever whims and fancies I had. Upon his birth, this monopoly of attention had to be shifted and shared and it was not the happiest thing that could happen to anyone, especially me!

From young, my brother and I were already very different in character, personality and talent. He was the looker, I was the geek. He was superior in sports and I was more academically-inclined. My brother, being playful in nature, often neglected his studies. He did not realise the extent of his folly until the day he got back his 'O' levels. It was only then that it dawned upon him that he was not going to move on with the rest of his peers. However, the family did not put him down. Instead, we continued to support him with encouragement. It was with these encouragement that he decided to retake his 'O's. I saw him try his best in that year. Sadly, he did badly again. He was despondent and disappointed at not being rewarded for his efforts he had put in. It was then that the family again came together with him to see him through this very difficult point in his life.

He decided to take up my advice to further his education in ITE. I could feel his inferiority everytime a relative asks about me and then about him. It almost seemed as him he wanted to dig a hole to hide himself everytime he was asked this burning question. Nevertheless, he persevered and worked hard in his ITE years. His ITE education helped to build up his self-esteem, boost his level of confidence and gave him a taste of success for the first time in his life.

Why am I writing all these? It is because, yesterday, he received a letter telling him that he was accepted into the course of his choice in Temasek Poly. Despite the fact that he will be 24 by the time he enters Poly, 27 by the time he finishes his Poly, 30 if he decides to pursue his degree, I can now proudly announce to the world that I am proud of his determination and drive. I have learnt much from my brother and I can see why God has brought him into my life. By the way, there is no longer sibling rivalry between us. We are happy for each other's achievements and we are the best friends ever! From my brother, I have learnt that "It doesn't matter how long you take but it is how you do it that matters".

Hey Brother, see you this Saturday! I still owe you 2 badminton sessions!

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Yeah...I love to blog
Hey Hazwani, I finally got my music running! Thanks to you, I now have Norah Jones playing on my blog. Notice also the new snowflake cursor? It's a new addition to my blog as well. To everyone else who wants to add music to your blog, do check out this site: http://starlightmks.com/main.html

I finally can understand why people enjoy blogging so much. The satisfaction one reaps from designing an entirely personal blog is indescribable. Creating this blog page certainly gave me a sense of success and allowed me to overcome my initial fears of HTML. Blogging is such a great avenue for me to express my thoughts and feelings. Blogger.com rocks!

Anyway, since I had set blogging as a homework to my 80 angels, I want to make sure that I blog and plod along with them in their journey of writing. I never enjoyed writing very much when I was a student. Perhaps it was because of a lack of audience. Blogging, however, allows me to write leisurely and have a ready audience.

Through this piece of work I had set my students, I believe that I will actually learn more from them than they will from me. After all, these 80 angels are all creative, IT-savvy beings and I honestly do not want to be left behind in the dust.

Hey angels, I have so much more to learn from you! I enjoy poring through each and every one of your blogs because each blog reflects your personality and individuality. Your style of writing further exemplifies the fact that each of you are special in your own right.

This task will definitely set me thinking and reflecting. I hope it does the same for the 80 angels!

Hey angels, do write your blogs with passion and fervour because you will enjoy the process as well as the outcome. Just as I have!

Friday, October 29, 2004

The day when tears formed in my eyes
What an eventful day it was! Meeting the parents, having meetings and not forgetting going to class.

The highlight of the day? Ms Yeo's farewell . Ms Yeo would be leaving the school to head a new JC in about a month's time. It was really sweet of the students to put up a farewell performance for her. The performance was outstanding and interesting as usual, with performances from the Chinese Orchestra, Band and the Choir.

It soon dawned upon me that Ms Yeo, a Principal whom I had interacted with since coming into the school, would be leaving us in a month's time. Honestly, it was really tough to hold and fight back my tears as Mingli read out the opening speech. My tear glands were constantly stimulated by the words that poured out from Mingli's speech. It was insightful, touching and a very well-described speech. However, I managed to steer myself not to weep or even sob, because I am happy for her career advancement. I will definitely miss Miss Yeo's humane leadership, be inspired by her gung-ho and never-say-die spirit and her friendliness towards one and all in the school.

I was asked to represent the staff to present flowers to Ms Yeo. Upon setting foot onto the stage, my feet were trembling and quivering badly. Ms Yeo was her usual calm and composed self and shook my hands firmly. I could vaguely feel the turmoil and sadness in her heart and her reluctance to leave the school that she has been with for such a long time. This was especially evident when the students cheered loudly for her. However, I do realise that she might also be looking forward to making a difference in her new school.

Lastly, I do wish that Ms Yeo will enjoy her new appointment and continue to make a difference to the lives of her students.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Singapore Idol
Was reminded of Singapore Idol tonight by one of my students. Otherwise I might have forgotten about it's existence in totality.

Anyway I caught the 'Big Band' performance by the final 6 Idol finalists tonight and I must admit that I was suitably impressed. Not by the judges though. With the exception of Ken, the rest of them were put there for show.

My gut feeling is that Christopher will finally be out tomorrow night. Yeah! Good riddance. He seems rather fakey to me, putting on deliberate cute smiles in front of the camera. I can't stand HYPOCRITES!

Olinda and Slyester, I thought, put up a fantastic performance. I must admit that Olinda has started to ooze sensuality and sexiness in her singing. I think she's really sweet-looking. Perhaps it's is also because 'Fever' is one of my favourite songs.

Slyester can inject honest and true feelings into the songs he sings. I can feel the sincerity transmitting through the screen as his vocal chords vibrated with the band. Passion! is the word to use. I think an idol wannabe like him will go far because of his dashing good looks. He will charm all the Juliets, leaving the Romeos to hang their heads and wept. Indeed, I was very much smittened by his powerful vocals and his boyish charm as well. However, I do think Slyester looks like one of the Taiwanese comperes, "Kang Kang", abet a more handsome version. Hahaha...