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Monday, February 28, 2005

Of Flowers and Men???
Hi! I'm back to post. Actually I'm in the office now blogging away because I can't access blogspot at home. @#@$%#% Stupid computer! Anyway I am now getting used to no internet access at home so life's not so bad without the internet connection.

Anyway, remember the new gadget I was yakking about in my last blog? Did you guess it correctly? *Drum rolls*

It's a brand new, all white Creative Zen. For the un-informed and unaware, the Creative Zen is an mp3 music player created by Creative Technologies. In fact, I was deliberating between the Ipod Mini and Creative Zen but I chose the latter.

2 reasons:

1) My brother decided that he would pay half for the Zen, plus, Zen has more storage space(1GB more than the Ipod Mini) and it has a radio function as well.

2) To support local industries? Well, what can showcase a greater sense of loyalty to my country than buying locally-made products?

Haha all that being said and done, let me tell you about a silly little incident that happened to my brother.

26th February is my brother's girlfriend's birthday. Being the romantic that he is, he decided to buy a bouquet of flowers for her. Knowing that she simply adored tulips, he even asked me to find out way in advance, the price of a bouquet. With tulips on his mind the whole time, he set out that very morning to get the prized bouquet(at a staggering amount of $45)!

Upon presentation of the bouquet, he realised he had committed the greatest mistake of his life. Guess what he had bought for his girlfriend instead?

That's right, not tulips, not roses but a bouquet of lilies instead! Unbelievable, right?

From this incident, I made 2 conclusions:
1) Flowers and members of the male species do not mix very well together.
2) Males cannot differentiate the different types of flowers available in the market AT ALL!

Sad but true. Simply ask any male friends to prove my theory correct! *sigh*

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Missing you bloggie...
I have just realized that I have not been blogging for the longest time ever. It's been something like ...16 days since my last entry. Life has been fast-paced, so fast that I also seem to be catching my breath every single day.

Well, basically there are 2 reasons why I stopped blogging for such a long time:

1) I am starting to get overwhelmed with marking and work. Remember my New Year resolution not to bring work home? Well, it's not really working very well. With 3 English classes, marking is a killer! I am almost "killing" myself over marking. Ironically, once I finish 1 stack, the next stack simply comes along. Like an Energizer battery, marking never seems to end. Too bad, I'm not the bunny that comes along with the batteries. *sigh*

2) My computer is on the verge of going kaput. It's true! Even the keyboard seems to respond like an 80 year old grandpa to my already slow typing. My computer seems to have been bombarded with every single virus and trojan horse available in the internet world. It's now a cranky machine and unpredictable, just like the weather these days! I can only access the internet occasionally, only when the machine seems to be in a good mood. *Another sigh* It's actually rather timely that I get a new computer, however, I simply cannot bear to splurge another $2000 on a new machine (I paid $2500 for this computer 2 years back). Therefore, I havenbeen keeping very fit lugging my laptop to and fro school. Call me a miser or anything you want. It's cold, hard cash that I'm interested in, not a cold, hard $2000 machine sitting pretty on my study table.

Anyway, it seems like the computer is in a jubilant mood today, so I seized the opportunity to type my blog. Wahaha! Finally!

Oh yes! I bought a new year gadget with my brother and my "Ang Bao" money. Guess what it is? I would be posting my answer in the next blog pretty soon!