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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Good News
Since Piggabom came into our family, we noticed that she had been steadily putting on weight. We thought we were giving her way too much food. Her enthusiasm for a game of fetch soon gave way to lethargy. We thought it was because she was becoming lazy.

Until we realised that SHE'S PREGNANT!

Yippee! I'm going to be an aunt!

I even felt the puppies give a strong kick when I placed my palm on her belly last night.

It's miraculous.

My pup is giving birth to more pups.

My whole family is excited at the prospect of a whole litter of retrievers at our home. We intend to clear one of our rooms to make Piggabom and her litter comfortable.

1 more month.

I can't wait...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

CO Concert "Spring Arrives In Lion City 2"
Those who are going for the Chinese Orchestra concert "Spring Arrives in Lion City 2" this Sat and Sun, the venue is at 151 Bencoolen Street (Along the Burlington Square stretch, within walking distance from Bugis MRT). If you are free and have nothing to do on that day, do come down and support us. The concert starts at 7.30 pm.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Piggabom's here!
Hi everyone

Meet Piggabom - the latest member of the HO family. She's a gorgeous 16-month old Golden Retriever who came to our family quite recently. I got hold of her through a colleague's friend who had to give her up. It turned out to be a blessing for our family, for we had prayed for a dog. We almost adopted a Husky pup but somehow things just didn't work out for the pup.

Piggabom's equally mischievous and playful. Imagine that at 16 months, she is already towering over my existing 14-year old dog, a male Spitz. Obviously, Piggabom exercises her build to her advantage as my spitz, Nicky, is rather intimidated by her. He now hides under the kitchen table and refuses to come out when Piggabom's around.

It's almost comical seeing the two dogs in the house.


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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hey guys

I have a new member in my family. Will tell you more about her in my next post!

An elated Nana signing off =)