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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Journey
It's been ages since I last blogged.

Anyway, it's a great relief that all the marking has come to an end. *Phew*

On my way home after some shopping with a fellow colleague, I sat in the corner seat of the MRT. Amazingly, the ride was surprisingly therapeutic. As I sat motionless on the seat, my thoughts were wandering 10 thousand miles away. It was interesting to watch the outside world whirl by while I was in my own comfort zone. There was a quiet reluctance to yank myself from the seat when the train neared Kembangan. Thinking back, I would love to take a ride all the way but somehow, somewhere, my instincts told me something totally different. I needed to get off because the ride has gotten too comfortable. If I continued the journey, I would never reach my destination - my home.

Anyway, this was a poem I wrote many months back on the MRT ride from Tampines to Kembangan, way before the exams started. This was dedicated for a group of angels I teach to tell them how much they need to strive to perform. I'm no Shakespeare so don't laugh! Anyway, here it goes:

A Dedication To My Angel

Hey my dear angels,
It’s time
To pump into passion once more.
Into learning you will adore,
With fervour and passion you will embrace,
Your learning and your original pace.

Relight your passion, my angels,
For learning.
Rekindle the zest you once had,
The yearning for new knowledge.

It makes me question and breaks my heart,
As I look upon the blank and dull faces,
Of my once enthusiastic and radiant faces of these angels.
What has gone wrong?
This question just rings in my head.
Why has the radiance faded so?
In replacement, I can only see,
Tired and wane faces.
The halo once present,
Seems to have faded away,
Faded away.
There is no more passion,
Leaving behind carcasses of drained and tired bodies.

It’s sad.

However, there’s no time to lament or mourn,
My angels,
It’s time to get serious about studies once more.
There’s no time to lose.
It’s time to get ready to get back up.
Your unfulfilled potential I want to revive,
I want to see a brand new you,
One that overflows with hope, life,
And of course, new attitudes towards learning.

My angels,
I await with patience and confidence.
For I know that day will soon arrive.
With a bang, I’m sure you’ll positively send,
Vibes that would once again,
Remind others of your true ability,
And that is when you will shine with brilliance once again.