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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We did it!
This post is specially dedicated to the 93 CO SYF 2007 students (SYF performers, reserves and helpers) who created a miracle on 4 April 2007 at 4pm.

Thank you for your amazing effort and hard work. You deserve every accolade you get. The Gold(with Honours) is definitely achieved not because of sheer luck or chance. This achievement is because of your hard work, determination and tenacity.

As a teacher-in-charge, I must thank you for believing in yourselves, your teachers, your instructors and Miss D. For I believe that this belief carried and propelled you to make your dreams come true. I know how tough it was, when you had intensive practices, having to shuttle from school to TECC, cope with a multitude of tests, homework and trying to keep your eyes and ears open in class. I know how rough it was, to be scolded continuously for playing the wrong notes, not paying attention and not knowing how to move with grace.

While you were onstage at TECC and in school, I was usually offstage, watching all of you transform from a lacklustre Chinese Orchestra team to one that was brimming with confidence and eluded charisma and grace on the day of the SYF itself. I must admit that the going was equally tough for you as it was for me. Many times I felt like throwing in the towel like you felt when the trainings got more and more intensive. I'm glad I persevered and I'm so grateful you persevered. If not, success will not be as sweet as it was when Mr H announced PRSS No 57 Gold with Honours. In fact, I was touched many times by the actions of the team amidst practices at TECC. I felt so proud when I was sitting in the Conference Hall watching you move with grace and pride as a PRSS performer. I must admit I was truly touched when it reminded me of the process and effort you put in to get this far.

Anyway, remember that you achieved because you first believed! Hold this belief true to your heart. In future, when you encounter difficulties or problems, recall how hard you worked for SYF 2007. Remember that hard work and determination can bring you success.

Remember the message I wrote to encourage you during the SYF Briefing?

I’ve seen your hard work and efforts.
I’ve seen you put in your best.
I’ve seen your desire to be the best.
I hope you know what you are working for.
Retain this honour and glory your seniors have worked for.
Be proud to represent PRSS in SYF 2007.
Everything is possible if you put your hearts to it.
It’s in your hands.
Remember ‘We will achieve because we first believed’.
SYF 2007- where 80 hearts will beat as one and play as one.
Let’s end SYF 2007 with a big bang.
First time SYF Gold with Honours.

Remember “When the time comes, we fight!”

I'm proud of you! I'll miss the Sec 4s though.