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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hey I'm still alive!!!
This holiday will be a fulfilling one, looking at the way I am occupying myself these days. I am so into crafts; currently learning to do scrapbooking and making simple jewellery pieces to pass my time. Of course this includes practising my guitar. Unlike previous holidays when I was occupied with the End-of-Year Workshop or invigilation, this holiday has been blissful. I am beginning to appreciate that I am a teacher. After all, I have the whole of 2 months to pick up a new hobby or skill. I'm grateful that I'm still alive and kicking after having taught for 3.5 years. Will be going for a clay workshop tomorrow and you can be sure that I will be back with pictures of my creations, that is if there are any to show. *grin*

The O levels will start tomorrow so to all the Sec 4 students: All the best and do your best! Read the questions carefully and check your work...

Anyway, here're some pictures of my creations. I have given them cute names as well.

My Earrings Posted by Picasa