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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blog Closure
Hey everyone,

I have decided to close this blog of mine. No more of my personal life will be written here. My initial intention in creating this blog was for my angels I taught 2 years ago. Now that they have moved on, there's no point in keeping this blog. Also, I have zillions of things to write but too tired after work to pen them down.

What's more, I have been receiving some unpleasant remarks on my tagboard. I guess the individual(s) will be happy that my blog is closed. I really hope you find true happiness, not at the expense of others though. I'm sure you can sense my disappointment for writing is something I find true joy in. Nevertheless, I wish that I have or had never taught you before for I always believe that the students I teach all understand the meaning of integrity. Criticising others under the anonymity of the internet is definitely what someone of integrity would never do.

I am not angry, nor saddened but just disappointed. I have been pondering over this issue for some time already and have finally come to a decision.

I will probably blog elsewhere but this time round in discreet as writing has become my passion(and will still be!). To all my angels and friends, thanks for your wonderful encouragement all these years. The memories that I have in my board will remain for these memories are the ones I treasure in teaching. The tagboard, however, will be removed.

Angels: See you in school!

Friends: Will let you know of my new blog once I have created it.

All the best
Nana Ho =)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Birth of the Pups
Hey guys

I promised pictures of the pups. So here they are.

The Young Ones

Trying to get some rest Posted by Picasa

Piggabom's water bag burst just as I reached home from the VOX concert. I thought Pa was just over-reacting and I proceeded to eat my dinner. Pa soon came running into the hall and whispered with a proud grin on his face that Piggabom had given birth to a pup. Soon 5 more pups arrived in a span of 2 hours. To some people, it may be pretty gory watching the birth. However, to our family, the moment was a special one as we watched and waited for the arrival of the puppies one by one, with bated breath. The pups are the size of big hamsters and almost immediately, Piggabom started to suckle them. At 12 midnight, we decided that Piggabom could handle the situation and we went back to our rooms. At 2 plus, we came down to check on Piggabom and her pups when we heard some scratching noises from below. We found Piggabom, looking terribly exhausted with 2 more pups lying on the floor. This time, they were blue and lifeless. As Bro and I gingerly cradled their small, fragile bodies, we tried ways and means to bring them to life. I tried rubbing them to give them heat. Bro tried to give them some CPR.

Alas, it was too late.

As the warmth sapped away from the bodies of the pups, we knew we had done our utmost. We had no tears in our eyes but in our hearts, we were mourning silently for them. We put them away in a biscuit box and uttered a short prayer that they would be in heaven. I named them Golden(Male) and Goldie(Female) before going off to bed at 3 am.