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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As usual, I had to pick my brother up from his workplace at 5.30pm. As I stopped by the roadside, I noticed a little garden on the kerb. Amidst an industry park in Ubi, this little garden seemed very much out-of-place but at the same time eye-catching and special. If not for the fact that I have to pick me brother up from work everyday, I wouldn't have noticed this little nook that is bursting with vibrancy and life.
Somehow I can't help but notice that this garden was well-maintained and that someone was tending to the plants in the small space. While I felt slightly down today due to work, the sight of the cheery yellow sunflowers almost immediately brightened up my tired day. Somehow God's hand is amazing. For once, I thanked God for flowers.
Work has been getting to me these days. Somehow I feel drained mentally and emotional everyday. My angels are rather challenging this year. While I am a person who reasons issues out with them, something tells me I am not getting through to them. Nevertheless I believe I will still press on, if I can. It is said that 'Faith can move mountains' and I will continue to have faith in these 38 unique individuals.
Cheer up, Nana. :)