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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Carls' Junior

(Pictures cropped from http://www.carlsjr.com)

Went to this newly opened place at Marina Square with bro - Carl's Junior, an American fast-food outlet. The portions were humongous! Yup, as expected, the price of food was also expensive. Imagine, I paid almost $20 for 2 sets of combo meals. I guess I'll stick to Burger King instead.

Out of boredom, I decided to put my earrings on display. These are only part of my collection. =)

My Earrings Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 18, 2005

A Moment of Sorrow
"Uncle James has just passed away." came the words from my handphone screen. Shock and disbelief were the first emotions that I first experienced then as I received the SMS from Dad. Slumped on my office chair, somehow the reality finally kicked in. I called my mother to find out the true cause.

Cancer. It was cancer.

Indeed, as I went for his wake and looked at his cold,lifeless body lying in the coffin, it was a stark contrast to the fit and energetic Uncle James that I had once known. Looking down, I saw how much the cancer cells, once foreign elements, had invaded his entire body, ravaging him entirely. His once toned and lean body had shrunk beyond description. He looked thin and gaunt and I could almost feel his pain he experienced as he went through the last days of his life. Bro and I both felt distraught that a person, fit and whole, could succumb and be so consumed by an illness. Looking at him, I feel he must have gone through so much.

Uncle James was my neighbour. He moved away about 15 years ago(it's so long I can no longer remember the exact year he moved). Nevertheless, he kept contact with my family, especially my parents. I still vaguely remember the Chinese New Year dinner we had at the airport this year. He generously invited us to join his family in having dinner together. This was an extremely warm gesture on his part. He didn't stinge on his treat and constantly served the best to his guests - us. This goes to show how selfless and giving he was to others.

My mother had often stressed that Uncle James was my benefactor.

It is true.

He saved both my brother and I when we were young. It was partly because of him that I escaped the clutches of death. Uncle James(an accupuncturist) came to our aid when we had fibroid fits in infancy. Without him, I might not be here today typing on my laptop.

Yet, in death, I could do nothing to ease his pain the way he had helped me. I did not know about his condition, only his death. I could only sit vigil at his wake and offer him prayers, for I know his soul has gone to heaven to meet his creator.

It certainly makes me wonder how many more loved ones around me would suffer the pain and suffering like Uncle James. Reports have shown that 1 in 2 Singaporeans would suffer from at least one form of cancer.

Like cancer patients, all I can do is wait...

... wait for a cure for this dreaded and incapitating disease to free others from the clutches of death.