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Monday, November 17, 2008

Singapore's Weird Obsession
After the short hiatus, I'm back again to blog, only because it's the holidays and I now have more time on my hands.

Anyway, my entry is as the title read: Singapore's weird obsession with ...drum rolls...


Yes. You read it correctly. R-U-B-B-E-R.

Not to worry it's a perfectly teenage-safe entry. The rubber I am referring to is of course this.

Strangely, while crocs are never the best-looking shoes around, they can definitely be crowned the most comfortable. The way the rubber envelops the feet, the way the shoes are designed to mould to the wearer's feet. the way the soles have a firm grip on slippery surfaces is astonishing.

In fact, I bought my first pair of crocs only 3 weeks ago at a recent Metro 20% sale and I'm now a crocs-convert.

Check out the cutesy-looking cotton candy Malindi I bought.

I heard you gushing and going awwww in the background. Aren't they sweet? Well, they have survived many shopping marathons and a trek up the Southern Ridges so they are also shoes with substance.

Well, what does my love have to do with Singapore anyway? Check this out!

As with many other Singaporeans, I made my way to Singapore Expo last Saturday, having heard that it was the first ever crocs sale. Thinking that it would be less crowded in the late afternoon, we (Mum and I) made our way to Hall 4A.

The queue we saw was enough to put us off. It snaked from Hall 4A all the way to Hall 3 and within. Yet everyone was patient enough to wait in line. Singporeans do love to queue!

The crowd in front of me.

The over-enthusiastic crowd

The ridiculous line of people

I waited for about 1 hour before we entered Hall 4A. The hall itself was a madhouse, with people grabbing whatever shoes they can lay their hands on and shouting out sizes they wanted. It was an ugly sight but I soon resorted to behaving like them. Haha.

Impatient shoppers

The queue to pay

Mom and I worked like a team. She hovered like a vulture at a corner, watching the shoes I painstakingly grabbed from the counters. Sizes and colours were limited but no one seemed to care as the shoes were almost at 60% off. We grabbed a total of 11 pairs but chose to buy only 6 pairs at the end. Must start to save now. Recession is here.

Anyway, payment was another round of queuing. We spent another 3 hours queuing to pay for the 6 pairs of crocs.

All in all, our loot.